The Castleton Hotel***

London, Westminster

46 rooms, LTD company

Coronation Hotel***

London, Kensington & Chelsea

29 rooms, LLP company

Elizabeth Hotel****

London, Westminster

29 rooms, LLP company

Mowbray Hotel***

London, Kensington & Chelsea

138 rooms, LTD company

Trebovir Hotel***

London, Kensington & Chelsea

62 rooms, LLP company

The Craven Hotel***

London, Westminster

41 rooms, LLP company

The Rose Park Hotel***

London, Westminster

57 rooms, LLP company

The Judd Hotel***

London, Bloomsburry

37 rooms, LTD company

Jenkins Hotel***

London, Bloomsburry

19 rooms, LTD company





Without accurate bookkeeping, a business owner has little to no idea of where their business is going.


  • They won’t know if it’s currently in profit
  • They won’t know if it’s about to have a cashflow issue
  • They won’t know how much they are owed, or how much they owe
  • They won’t know whether they are approaching any important thresholds such as the threshold for mandatory VAT registration


Furthermore, without a proper bookkeeping process in place (as well as an accurate set of books) accountants aren’t able to do their work properly.


And so the demand for professional bookkeepers comes not just from business owners, but also from accountants who are happy to outsource their work to bookkeepers who have nationally recognised qualifications.






Responsible for all financial and management accounts of 10 London hotels and 12 London property management companies up to the point of hand-over to the accountants and auditors for filing year-end accounts and taxation to the HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House.


Managing all sales and purchase financial recordings for all the companies, quarterly VAT returns, month-end and year-end accounting and statutory filings to the National Statistics Office, the HMRC and Companies House.


Maintaining and reconciling for all companies’ Nominal ledgers, Purchase and Sales Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation for all capital and trading bank accounts, Input and Output VAT reconciliation for all companies.


Management and reconciliation of all account payables and credit control.


Management and reconciliation of all account receivables as well as credit control.


Payroll management and supervision, ensuring the accuracy of employee time sheets, PAYE & NI payments to the HMRC, and BACS salary payment management including directors’ salaries.


Management and supervision of the production and accuracy of daily and/or monthly trading reports (DTRs) for the companies.


Reporting financial analysis to directors to assist them in undertaking key financial, operational & managerial decisions as well as in general financial matters of the companies.


Month-End and Year-End financial processes & reporting, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss reporting along with analytical commentary.


Monthly reporting of operational results to management, investors and banks, showing the performance budgeted versus actual for the month and YTD as well as the MLO for the year with analysis of the weak and strong points of the reported period.


VAT registration, management and filing quarterly online returns for Limited and LLP companies.


Budgeting and Cashflow management, amendments and revisions, analysis and discussions to constantly improve the efficiency and performance, thereby increasing the companies’ turnovers and net profits.


Advising and assisting managements to help improve financial and administration procedures applied by staff to make day-to-day operations run smoother and more accurately.


For the various property management companies, keeping track of incoming rents, invoicing tenants for rent and other items such as share of building insurances etc., managing and reconciling both the trading and capital bank accounts and keeping an eye on loan interest payments for all properties.


Communicating on the company’s behalf with the HM Revenue & Customs and assisting the company accountants in all financial aspects including preparation of statutory accounts and year-end reporting to the Companies House.


Fortnightly and monthly reconciliations of various revenue streams and incurred expenses for the online advertising business. Ensuring revenue recorded is revenue realized and there are no missing expenses before calculating the net profit to be shared between partners and then reporting the financial analysis of the monthly results.

Virtual Business Support

UK & International

Sole Trader

Timchy Collection

London, Ecommerce


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